Waste Tyre Pyrolysis Plant

GEMCO provides a complete turnkey solution for tyre pyrolysis projects, achieving resource utilization, harmless treatment, and reduced disposal of waste tyres in a safe, environmentally friendly, and continuous way.

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Tyre Pyrolysis System

Tyre pyrolysis involves subjecting waste tyres to a process where their organic components are cracked in anaerobic or oxygen-deficient conditions at an appropriate temperature. This process releases volatile substances and forms solid carbon as the main product. The resulting products include fuel oil, carbon black, and combustible gas. These products have similar performance to industrial products and are high-grade energy sources that are easy to transport and generate less pollution during reuse, thus having high added value.

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Convert Used Tyres into High-Quality Energy

GEMCO’s pyrolysis technology can efficiently break down the high-molecular-weight polymers in waste tyres, reducing them to small molecules or monomers. This process results in approximately 45% fuel oil, 35% carbon black, 10% steel wire, and 10% combustible gas as output. The main components of the pyrolysis gas are short-chain organic compounds, primarily including H2 and hydrocarbons ranging from C1 to C4, with a calorific value of up to 33 MJ.

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waste tyre pyrolysis plant

Eco-Friendly Waste Tyre Recycling Solution

The application of pyrolysis technology for recycling waste tyres offers significant environmental benefits. The pyrolysis process ensures a thorough decomposition of tyres, enabling the complete recovery and reuse of waste tyres. Furthermore, since the reaction occurs in anaerobic conditions, it greatly reduces the content of harmful components such as sulfur, nitrogen, and heavy metals in the waste, thus preventing secondary pollution to the environment.

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Highly Efficient Energy Production

GEMCO waste tyre pyrolysis solution includes a waste heat recovery system, which uses the high-temperature flue gas generated during the pyrolysis process to produce electricity. The combustible gases generated by pyrolysis can be directly used as fuel to provide energy for the pyrolysis reactor. Such design enhances the overall energy efficiency of the system, reduces production costs, and supports businesses in energy conservation and emission reduction efforts.

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GEMCO Tyre Pyrolysis Plant Advantages

Wide Adaptability of Materials

GEMCO pyrolysis project solutions are not only suitable for processing used tyres, but also widely applicable to the recycling of various types of waste rubber products. We will customize and improve the system design according to the characteristics of the raw materials that customers need to handle, ensuring the overall high efficiency and productivity of the solution.

Advanced Pyrolysis Technology

GEMCO Energy has been committed to the research and development of pyrolysis technology, and our pyrolysis equipment and pyrolysis process have reached a world-class level. We use advanced thermal dispersion technology to ensure uniform heating of materials during pyrolysis, without coking, and can complete gas-liquid-solid separation of materials at lower temperatures.

Environmentally Friendly Production

The entire pyrolysis process is completed in a closed chamber, avoiding dust and VOC leakage problems and generating no secondary pollution. At the same time, the production line can achieve long-term full-load uninterrupted continuous stable operation under the premise of ensuring safety and environmental protection.

Intelligent Automation System

GEMCO tyre pyrolysis plant is highly automated. Its PLC/DCS intelligent control system monitors every production unit of the whole plant, collects and calculates their status information to issue corresponding instructions, realizing automatic deviation correction and alarm, ensuring the safety and stable operation of the plant.

GEMCO Tyre Pyrolysis Plant Design

GEMCO Tyre Pyrolysis Plant Design

1. Material Feeding System

GEMCO tyre pyrolysis process can directly handle whole tyres, eliminating the need for crushing and sorting the raw materials, resulting in significant energy savings. Tyres are fed directly into the pyrolysis reactor by an automatic feeding machine for the pyrolysis reaction.

2. Pyrolysis System

The pyrolysis system is the core component of the entire production line. Our process employs a slow pyrolysis method, using an externally heated rotary kiln as the pyrolysis reactor, which offers broad adaptability to material form, shape, and size.

3. Material Sorting System

Primary solid products are carbon black and steel wires. The steel wires are sorted using a magnetic separation system, while the carbon black is crushed to obtain the final product. The pyrolysis oil exists in a gaseous state within the reactor and needs to be condensed into liquid oil through a cooling system before entering the storage tank.

4. Combustible Gas Purification System

The combustible gas purification system is responsible for processing the combustible gases generated during pyrolysis, removing impurities and ash content from the gases. The purified gas is then used for the heating system of the pyrolysis reactor, minimizing energy waste.

5. Flue Gas Purification System

The flue gas produced during the pyrolysis process is subjected to a series of purification steps, including desulfurization, denitrification, and adsorption with activated carbon, to fully comply with the emission standards of the European Environment Agency (EEA) and the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

6. Automation Control System

The entire production line is equipped with a PLC intelligent control system, featuring prompts, alarms, and automatic error correction functions to ensure the safe operation of the equipment. This intelligent control system enhances convenience and safety in operation.

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GEMCO Tyre Pyrolysis Plant Parameters

Equipment ModelDL-LT-10000
Raw MaterialsWaste Tyres, Rubber
End-productsPyrolysis Oil, Carbon Black, Steel Wire
Processing Capacity10000 t/y
Pyrolysis Oil Yield35%-45%
Carbon Black Yield35%-40%
Steel Wire Yield10%-12%
Heating SourceElectricity/Gas
Pyrolysis Temperature350-450℃
Uniformity of cross-sectional temperature inside the furnace±5℃
Land Area500㎡
tyre pyrolysis carbon black
tyre pyrolysis oil
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Benefits of Tyre Pyrolysis

Tyre pyrolysis technology is one of the most ideal recycling methods for waste tyres, which can not only eliminate the pollution caused by tyres to the natural environment, but also convert tyres into resources. The products of tyre pyrolysis can be further processed and transformed into high-value products with various uses.

The main components in tyre pyrolysis oil are benzene, toluene, xylene, styrene, dimer pentene, trimethylbenzene, and tetramethylbenzene. These compounds are all useful chemical raw materials. Pyrolysis oil can also be refined into diesel and used as fuel.

The carbon black produced by tyre pyrolysis can be used as a reinforcing filler for low-grade rubber products or as a pigment for ink, and can also be directly used as a fuel. These carbon black can be further processed to produce activated carbon, which has broad market prospects.

The steel wire in the pyrolysis product comes from the spring steel wire in the tyre and belongs to high-quality steel. Due to the low temperature and anaerobic environment, pyrolysis treatment has little impact on the performance of spring steel wire, and after collection, it can still achieve high economic benefits for external sales.

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