Mini Waste to Energy Plant

GEMCO ENERGY’s mobile waste to energy plants represent the future of clean energy and sustainable waste management. They are designed to provide customers with flexible, reliable, efficient, and environmentally friendly waste to energy solutions.

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Mobile Waste Gasification System

The Mobile Waste to Energy Station, developed independently by GEMCO ENERGY, is an innovative solution designed to meet the market’s demand for clean energy and waste management. This energy station consists of multiple modules, including a mobile gasification unit module, a mobile power generation module, a raw material pre-processing module, and an exhaust gas treatment module, all working together to create a small-scale waste gasification plant. This comprehensive solution aims to convert various types of waste into clean energy, achieving on-site and environmentally friendly resource utilization of waste.

mobile waste pyrolysis module
mobile waste pyrolysis system
GEMCO small scale distributed waste to energy station

Modular Design with Flexibility and Customizability

GEMCO mobile energy station is a superb flexible, convenient, and highly customizable solution. In addittion to the basic gasification and power generation modules, there are also other module units available, such as sea water desalination modules, mobile energy storage modules, mobile gas purification modules, etc. Clients can choose according to their waste management requirements and make a customized solution.

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GEMCO mobile waste to energy station

Transform Various Wastes to Energy

GEMCO ENERGY currently offers two models of mobile garbage gasification energy stations: the HG-60KW and HG-120KW. These models are suitable for processing a wide range of waste materials, including industrial waste, household waste, and marine debris, which often have complex compositions. They can process such raw materials with a size ranging from 3 to 5 centimeters and a moisture content not exceeding 25%, and transform them into clean energy.

Green energy

Environmentally Friendly Waste Management

The mobile waste to energy plant adopt the gasification technique to process wastes in a harmless manner on-site, significantly reducing the emission of harmful substances like dioxins, and reducing the negtive impact on the environment. In the meantime, it achieves the resource utilization of waste by turning them into useful energy, producing both heat and electric power that can be self used or linked to the local power grid, thus improving the comprehensive energy efficiency of the whole system.  

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GEMCO Mini Waste Pyrolysis Plant Advantages

Advanced Performance & Automation Control

GEMCO mobile waste to energy stations are equipped with advanced small-sized or micro power generation units, along with highly automated control systems. This makes the system operation more convenient and offers exceptional operational flexibility. The scientific configuration and system integration make it easy to start and stop the equipment and adjust the load as needed.

Durable Material and Long Service Life

Our systems are constructed using stainless steel and nickel alloys, which offer excellent corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, and high-temperature resistance. These materials ensure the system’s long lifespan, typically providing around 15 to 20 years of reliable operation. Additionally, the system operates under slight negative pressure and features interlocking controls to enhance safety and stability, effectively preventing accidents such as explosions.

Small Area Coverage and Easy Installation

Our energy stations are designed with a modular approach, occupying a relatively small footprint, which is highly advantageous for applications with limited space. This design not only enhances flexibility during installation but also allows for configuration based on specific requirements, providing sufficient power without the need for external power sources.

Reliable Power Supply Solutions

Our small-scale waste gasification energy stations can operate independently, providing 24/7 uninterrupted and reliable power to remote areas. Additionally, these systems can be run in parallel configurations to meet the energy demands of larger regions, ensuring a stable and dependable electricity supply.

GEMCO Mobile Waste to Energy Plant Design

The system design of GEMCO mobile waste to energy plant
1. Material Storage
2. Feeding System
3. Gasification System
4. Secondary Combustion System
5. Mobile Power Distribution System
6. Waste Heat & Flue Gas Purification System
7. Chimney

1. Material Feeding System

This system is responsible for pre-processing the waste and discharging it into the pyrolysis reactor. It consists of components such as conveyors, material storage bins, and automatic feeding devices, ensuring the efficient supply of raw materials and continuous operation.

2. Gasification System

The pyrolysis gasification system is the core of the entire process and includes components like the pyrolysis reactor and combustion chamber. It is responsible for subjecting the raw materials to high-temperature pyrolysis and reduction reactions, resulting in the production of combustible synthetic gas.

3. Stirling Power System

The synthetic gas is used to drive the Stirling power generation system, converting thermal energy into electrical energy. This power generation system comprises a Stirling generator, cooling system, and power control unit, ensuring that the generated electricity is effectively captured and transmitted.

4. Mobile Power Distribution System

In order to transmit the generated electricity to where it’s needed, a mobile power distribution system is employed. This system includes transformers, cables, distribution panels, and other equipment to ensure the reliable delivery of electricity to user equipment or the grid.

5. Exhaust Gas Purification System

The exhaust gas purification system is used to purify the waste gases to ensure that the gasification process does not cause environmental pollution. This system includes devices like desulfurization and desalination equipment and pulse dust collectors.

6. Automation Control System

The entire system is intelligently controlled by an advanced automatic control system. Intelligent valves controlled by multiple sensor signals ensure the system’s safe and stable operation.

Mobile Waste Gasification System Process

waste pyrolysis mobile system working principle

Waste Pyrolysis Gasification: Pre-processed waste is fed into the gasification furnace through the feeding system, and the gasification furnace is automatically ignited. Primary air is introduced into the gasification furnace, and the waste begins the thermal pyrolysis reduction reaction inside the furnace. The gasification furnace is divided from top to bottom into drying, pyrolysis, and combustion zones. During this process, the combustible gases generated include hydrogen, methane, carbon monoxide, and other gaseous hydrocarbon substances.

Oxygen-Rich Combustion: The combustible gases enter the secondary combustion chamber and undergo oxygen-rich combustion through secondary air. The combustion temperature is controlled within the range of 950-1100°C, and the residence time of the flue gas exceeds 2 seconds to facilitate the rapid decomposition of dioxins and nitrogen oxides. Combustible materials like carbon black and tar generated after garbage pyrolysis gasification assist in combustion and decomposition within the secondary combustion chamber. Residues from complete garbage combustion are discharged after cooling with primary air and can be used directly as construction materials or for landfill.

Electricity Generation: The high-temperature flue gas within the secondary combustion chamber generates electricity after heat exchange with the Stirling generator. This electricity can be supplied to the mobile power distribution system, providing power for the entire system.

Waste Heat Utilization: Waste heat exhaust gases are further heat-exchanged through a waste heat boiler to produce hot water or steam, which can be used for residential heating or industrial production. This method effectively utilizes the waste heat generated by the energy station, enhancing overall energy efficiency.

Environmental Emissions: After the desulfurization and dust removal processes, the waste heat exhaust gases are released to meet the latest EU 2010 emissions standards. This ensures that the energy station operates in an environmentally friendly manner with no adverse impact on the environment.

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GEMCO Mobile Waste to Energy Plant Parameters

ModelGE-HG 60 GE-HG 120 
Electrical Output60kW/h120kW/h
Net Electrical Output45kW100kW
Thermal Output126kW252kW
Raw Material Consumption90kg/h180kg/h
Gasifier1 Updraft Rotating Bed1 Updraft Rotating Bed
Engine(2X) 30kW Stirling Engine(4X) 30kW Stirling Engine
Generator4 poles Asynchronous Generator4 poles Asynchronous Generator
Container Weight1*40’Weight 17 tons2*40’Weight 30 tons
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