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Biomass Updraft Gasifier

After years of technical accumulation, production practice, and academic exchange, GEMCO Energy has the capability to design and manufacture advanced and mature biomass updraft gasifiers. Our updraft fixed-bed gasifier is designed with flexibility, capable of gasifying a variety of biomass raw materials, including wood chips, straw, fruit shells, and bagasse, transforming biomass into high-quality biochar and syngas.

Extended service life

Low investment costs

Improved thermal efficiency

High automation degree

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High-Quality Gasifiers for Biomass Gasification Solutions

GEMCO biomass gasifiers undergo rigorous quality control and testing, ensuring their reliability and stability during extended operation. The updraft fixed-bed design ensures the gasifier has a high thermal efficiency, producing syngas with a high calorific value, which is a renewable and clean energy source suitable for industries such as power generation and heating. It can serve as a cost-effective and renewable alternative to expensive and non-renewable fossil fuels.

Fixed-Bed Updraft Gasifier Design

In an updraft gasifier, biomass feedstock is introduced from the top of the furnace, while the gasifying agent is introduced through an air inlet at the bottom of the furnace. The direction of gas flow is opposite to the movement of the raw materials. The downward-flowing biomass is dried, cracked, and gasified by the upward-flowing hot gas. The main advantages of an updraft gasifier include: as the produced gas passes through the cracking and drying layers, its heat is transferred to the material, aiding in material cracking and drying. Simultaneously, this process lowers the gas temperature, improving the gasifier’s thermal efficiency and resulting in gas with reduced ash content.

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GEMCO Updraft Gasifier Features

Carefully Designed Structure

The design of GEMCO updraft biomass gasifiers is the result of meticulous research, with each component’s layout and function being rigorously rational. The structure is simple and compact, leading to a short construction period and low construction costs.

Environmental Compliance

The temperature in the secondary combustion chamber is as high as 1100 ℃, and the residence time of the flue gas exceeds 2 seconds, which reduces the content of pollutants such as SOx, NOx, HCL, HF, and heavy metals in the flue gas, meeting environmental requirements.

Low-Temperature Operation

The grate operates in a low-temperature zone, avoiding the detrimental effects of high temperatures on the grate and extending the equipment’s lifespan.

Closed Gasification System

The gasification system is fully enclosed, maintaining a clean and aesthetically pleasing site that is safe for operators.

Automatic Belt Feeder

Equipped with an automatic material feeding belt, the system saves time and effort, enhances production efficiency, and reduces the difficulty and risk of manual operation.

Soft Seals for Doors

All feeding, slagging, and inspection doors use soft seals. A sealing cover is installed on the pyrolysis furnace top to prevent gas leakage, ensuring safe production.

Full Automation Control

Utilizing fully automatic control processes simplifies operation, reduces the possibility of human errors, and enhances equipment stability and reliability.

Effective Furnace Sealing

The furnace body is well-sealed, ensuring the effectiveness of oxygen control during pyrolysis.

Hydraulic Rotating Grate

The hydraulic rotating grate ensures uniform material distribution, prevents clogging, and improves gasification efficiency and production stability.

Emergency Pneumatic Control

An emergency pneumatic control device is in place to guarantee the safe and continuous operation of the equipment in unforeseen circumstances.

Updraft Gasifier Working Principle

GEMCO small scale updraft gasifier project
biomass updraft gasifiers
biomass gasification plant with updraft gasifiers

In an updraft fixed bed gasifier, biomass feedstock is introduced into the gasifier from the top feeding device. The entire bed is supported by the furnace grates located at the bottom of the combustion chamber. The gasifying agent enters the gasifier from the lower part through air inlets, uniformly distributing through the gaps in the grates and infiltrating the bottom region of the bed where ash resides. Heat exchange occurs with the ash layer, preheating the gasifying agent while cooling the ash. The gasifying agent then ascends to the combustion layer, where it undergoes oxidation reactions with carbon in the raw material, releasing a substantial amount of heat and raising the temperature inside the furnace to approximately 1000°C. This heat sustains the required thermal energy for gasification reactions within the furnace.

The airflow subsequently rises to the reduction layer, where CO2 generated in the combustion layer is reduced to CO. Water vapor in the gasifying agent decomposes, producing H2 and CO2 gases, which, along with the unreacted portion of the gasifying agent, continue to ascend. This process heats the upper layer of the raw material, causing thermal decomposition and removing volatile components, with the resulting coke falling into the reduction layer. The generated gas continues to rise, preheating and drying the newly introduced raw material before exiting through the gas outlet at the top of the gasifier.

GEMCO Updraft Gasifier Parameters

Biomass Consumption (kg)80-140160-280300-400500-600700-800900-10001200-1500
Biomass Particle Size30 – 50 mm
Moisture Content of Raw Materials20%
Syngas Production Capacity (M3)240-320480-960900-12001200-14001600-18002200-26002800-3200
Gas Calorific Value1100-1300Kcal/m3
Gasification RateWoody Materials: 2-3 m3/kg ; Herbaceous Materials: 1-1.5m3/kg
By-ProductsBiochar, Wood Tar, Wood Vinegar
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