rotary kiln pyrolysis reactor

Rotary Kiln Pyrolysis Reactor

GEMCO rotary kiln pyrolysis reactor features a compact structure, simple operation, and easy maintenance. The reactor is equipped with an insulation cover on the outside, creating a heating chamber between the cover and the cylinder, ensuring uniform heating of the cylinder while reducing heat loss.

Long service life

Continuous Production

High Heating Temperature

High automation degree

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indirect fired rotary kiln

Indirect-Fired Rotary Kiln

The indirect-fired rotary kiln, also known as the external heating rotary kiln, is a large-scale industrial calcination equipment. In this type of rotary kiln, the heating source is located outside the kiln body, and neither the flame nor the flue gas directly contacts the materials inside the kiln. Therefore, it is mainly used in industries where raw materials cannot be in direct contact with flames, such as high-temperature oxidation reactions, high-temperature reduction reactions, and chemical calcination. It is also well-suited for processes such as sludge pyrolysis gasification, hazardous waste pyrolysis gasification, and activated carbon regeneration.

Specially Designed for Pyrolysis Purpose

GEMCO indirect rotary kiln is a new type of rotary kiln developed specifically for pyrolysis and gasification processes, combining customer production needs with environmental requirements. It can be heated using electricity or natural gas as the heat source. Our rotary kiln pyrolysis reactor features a compact structure, temperature adjustable by frequency conversion, and convenient replacement of modular design heating elements. With simple operation, it is an environmentally friendly pyrolysis equipment independently researched and developed by our company.

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rotary kiln pyrolysis plant

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GEMCO Rotary Kiln Pyrolysis Reactor Features

High Heating Temperature & Low Energy Consumption

GEMCO pyrolysis rotary kiln utilizes special high-temperature resistant alloy materials as the main components, matched with high-temperature heating elements and refractory bricks, achieving a maximum operating temperature of 1100°C. With the heat source located in the external heating chamber, heat is transferred to the rotary cylinder through radiation, conduction, and convection, ensuring that the materials do not directly contact the smoke or flames, resulting in low energy consumption and safe production.

Heating time and temperature are adjustable

The heat source of the rotary kiln adopts internationally advanced SSR (Solid State Relay) or thyristor power regulator control, ensuring high temperature control precision. The pyrolysis temperature and time can be adjusted according to the actual working conditions, providing flexibility, stability, and suitability for large-scale continuous production. Utilizing combustible gas as fuel for burners or electric heating elements, the system is energy-efficient and environmentally friendly.

Fewer wearing parts, facilitating maintenance

The heating chamber of the rotary kiln adopts a two-section assembly design, making it easy to dismantle during maintenance. High-quality heating components have long lifespans and are arranged in parallel, side-mounted, or drawer-style configurations, making replacement easy and minimizing potential failure points. These features reflect GEMCO Energy’s careful efforts towards human-centric design.

Automation control, low labor intensity

The equipment integrates advanced intelligent operating systems, enabling automated production. The system automatically controls the instantaneous speed of material feeding, ensuring production continuity. Multiple temperature and pressure monitoring points within the kiln enable automatic adjustment of air supply, induced draft, gas protection opening, and pressure. This setup reduces labor intensity and enhances operational efficiency.

Composition of the Indirect rotary kiln

working principle of indirect rotary kiln

The pyrolysis rotary kiln mainly consists of six parts: the combustion system, control system, heating chamber cylinder, kiln body, drive device, and feeding and unloading system. All components are installed on an integral frame made of steel structure.

  1. The combustion system mainly consists of burners, proportional control valves, solenoid valves, electric actuators, atomizing combustion aids, ignition devices, and other components.
  2. The cylinder is equipped with sprockets or gears and supported at both ends by support rollers, driven by a variable frequency motor through sprockets or gears. The cylinder material can be selected according to process requirements. Internal baffles are installed.
  3. The kiln body is located on a steel frame and is mainly built with lightweight insulation materials. Folding blocks containing zirconia ceramic fiber blankets are used to reduce heat storage. A labyrinth seal is formed by refractory materials and the kiln body’s fire-resistant ring.
  4. The drive device can adopt chain drive or gear drive. The gearbox has two output shafts and can be equipped with a manual device for emergency situations to rotate the cylinder and protect it from damage.
  5. The feeding and unloading system mainly consists of a feeding hopper, feeding screw, mixing device, feeding hood, and other components.

GEMCO Rotary Kiln Pyrolysis Reactor Parameters

Production Capacity~80L/h120L/h300L/H480L/H700L/H1000L/H1500L/H2000L/H2500L/H3000L/H
Diameter (mm)ø257/273/300ø350/370/400ø500/600/624ø800ø940/1000ø1100/1200ø1500ø1800ø2000ø2200
Rated Temperature≤1100℃
Heating Zones1-31-31-31-31-31-31-31-31-31-3
Atmosphereanaerobic / oxygen-free environment

Indirect Rotary Kiln Applications

activated carbon production

Activated Carbon Production

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