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Rotary Kiln Incinerator

Engineered for the modern demands of industrial waste management, GEMCO Energy’s rotary kiln incinerator offers a robust solution that integrates seamlessly into various industrial sectors including chemical, pharmaceutical, and petrochemical industries.

Long service life

High Operation Efficiency

High Heating Temperature

High automation degree

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Direct Rotary Kiln for Waste Incineration

GEMCO Rotary Kiln Incinerator adopts the direct heating method and is a top choice for handling various solid and liquid wastes through high-temperature calcination. This process ensures waste is treated safely, reducing volume and recovering resources. The rotary kiln incinerator is suitable for the treatment of industrial waste, municipal solid waste, hazardous waste, and medical waste, and can handle materials with both solid and liquid properties simultaneously. Known for its broad application range, proven technology, high automation, and stability, GEMCO rotary kiln incinerator is designed for efficient and reliable waste incineration.

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Optimal Combustion and Emission Control

The rotary kiln provides a long residence time of up to one hour at temperatures exceeding 850°C, ensuring thorough combustion of hazardous wastes. The secondary combustion chamber intensively mixes gases, achieving complete combustion of any remaining unburned materials. This chamber reaches temperatures above 1100°C, maintaining a high-temperature zone for over two seconds to effectively decompose harmful compounds and prevent the formation of dioxins. Additionally, excellent sealing measures and negative pressure in the furnace avoid the leakage of toxic gases, ensuring safe and compliant operation.

Efficient Co-current Design

GEMCO rotary kiln incinerator features a co-current design, where the combustion gas flow and waste material move in the same direction. This design creates a significant temperature gradient between the gas at the kiln head and the incoming waste, allowing for rapid evaporation of moisture from the waste. This enhances the efficiency of the incineration process, ensuring thorough and effective waste treatment.

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GEMCO Rotary Kiln Incinerator Features

High Capacity And Versatility

GEMCO rotary kiln incinerator boasts a large internal volume and high load capacity, offering significant operational flexibility. It can simultaneously incinerate solid waste, liquids, gels, and gases, demonstrating strong adaptability to various waste types. This versatility makes it an ideal solution for diverse waste management needs. Industries can achieve waste minimization, detoxification, and even resource recovery.

Efficient Heat Utilization By Advanced Design

Inside the kiln, waste materials are continuously agitated and move forward, benefiting from three concurrent heat transfer modes: conduction, convection, and radiation. This advanced design grants the rotary kiln incinerator high thermal efficiency, maximizes the utilization of heat, and enhances the overall efficiency of the incineration process.

Robust and Reliable Structure

The kiln features a simple yet effective transmission mechanism located outside the kiln shell, which keeps even distribution of mechanical stress and reduces the likelihood of malfunctions. This external placement of the drive system simplifies maintenance, making the equipment easier to service and repair.

High Efficiency By Intelligent Control

Designed for high operational efficiency, our rotary kiln incinerator typically achieves an annual operation rate of up to 90%. The system is easy to operate and maintain, featuring a comprehensive PLC/DCS control system with robust monitoring and alarm capabilities. This advanced control system ensures optimal performance, safety, and reliability throughout the incineration process.

Working Principle of rotary kiln Incinerator

Structural Composition

  • Kiln Body: The main structure where waste is incinerated, capable of withstanding high temperatures and providing significant operational flexibility.
  • Secondary Combustion Chamber: Ensures complete incineration of residual gases and particles, achieving the high temperatures required for breaking down hazardous components.
  • Waste Heat Recovery System: Captures and recycles heat from the incineration process, enhancing energy efficiency and reducing operational costs.
  • Exhaust Gas Treatment System: Equipped with advanced filtration and scrubbing technologies to ensure emissions meet environmental standards.
  • Chimney: Facilitates the safe release of treated gases into the atmosphere.

Operating Principle

Waste Input: Hazardous waste materials are fed into the kiln, either directly or through a material handling system that may include shredding and mixing for uniform consistency.

High-Temperature Incineration: Once inside the kiln, the waste is exposed to temperatures exceeding 1200°C. The kiln’s rotation ensures uniform mixing and exposure of all material to the heat, facilitating complete combustion.

Secondary Combustion: Any gases or particles not fully incinerated in the kiln pass into the secondary combustion chamber, where they are exposed to even higher temperatures (above 1100°C) for a minimum of two seconds to ensure complete breakdown of hazardous substances.

Heat Recovery and Emission Control: The heat generated during incineration is captured by the waste heat recovery system, which can be reused in other processes, enhancing overall energy efficiency. The exhaust gas treatment system then treats any residual gases and particles before they are safely released through the chimney.

GEMCO Rotary Kiln Incinerator Parameters

Capacity (kg/h)100-125150-200300-350450-5001000-1500
Kiln Chamber Volume (m³)1.324.57.320.9
Kiln Size (Φ*L)(mm)Φ1100Φ1100Φ1380Φ1380Φ2000
Power (V)Three-phase electricity 380V50HZ
Feeder Motor (kW)
Feeder Motor (kW)0.750.750.751.51.5

Rotary Kiln Incinerator Applications

oil sludge

Sludge Waste Incineration

medical wastes

Medical Waste Incineration

industrial solid waste

Industrial Solid Waste Incineration

municipal solid wastes

Municipal Solid Waste Incineration

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