Biomass Gasification Power Plant

GEMCO biomass gasification power plant solution converts organic waste materials such as agricultural and forestry residues into electricity and other high-value byproducts. We harness renewable materials to unlock energy potential, providing dual benefits for both the environment and the economy.

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Biomass Gasification Power Generation

The biomass gasification power generation is a process of heating biomass materials at high temperatures in an oxygen-deficient environment to produce combustible gases primarily consisting of CO, H2, and CH4, and then using this syngas as fuel to drive power generators for electricity generation. This is a zero-carbon emission, renewable, and sustainable energy solution.

Clean & Sustainable Energy Solution

GEMCO biomass gasification power generation system offers you a clean, sustainable, and efficient energy solution. Our technology not only provides electricity but also generates high-value byproducts such as heat energy, biochar, tar, and wood vinegar, helping you maximize resource utilization. We firmly believe that innovation and environmentally friendly energy production will drive the future clean energy revolution. Contact us for more information or to request a quote, and join us in shaping a cleaner energy future tomorrow.

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Convert Various Biomass to Energy

GEMCO gasification power generation system can process a variety of biomass materials, converting them into green energy. We also offer personalized, customized designs based on the type of raw materials our customers are handling, to achieve maximum energy conversion efficiency. Common biomass feedstocks include nut shells, coconut shells, straw, wood chips, biomass pellets, wood waste, and more.

Advanced Gasification Equipment

GEMCO biomass gasification power plant features gasification equipment that utilizes the company’s independently developed updraft fixed-bed gasifier. This advanced gasifier is known for its stable operation, safety, reliability, and ease of maintenance. It operates at gasification temperatures ranging from 750°C to 850°C, with a gasification efficiency of 75%, and it produces approximately 3% to 5% biochar.

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GEMCO Biomass Gasification Power Plant Advantages

High Automation Level

GEMCO biomass gasification power plant boasts a high level of automation, utilizing a 5G remote intelligent management system. This system allows users to monitor and control the power plant’s operation status in real-time, enabling 24-hour automated operation. Furthermore, we have implemented comprehensive emergency protocols to address unforeseen situations. When necessary, the system can automatically shut down, ensuring safety and reliability.

Customized Solutions

GEMCO biomass power station utilizes internal combustion generators, manufactured in China, capable of achieving 8000 hours of annual power generation. However, we also offer flexible customized energy solutions. Based on the specific requirements of our customers, we can adapt to different power demands by switching to alternative power generation systems like steam turbines, ORC (Organic Rankine Cycle) power generation, and more.

High Energy Efficiency

GEMCO biomass gasification power plant achieves high energy efficiency by cleverly integrating various components. The thermal energy from the gasification system’s cooling water is used for drying the feedstock, while the thermal energy from the generator sets is utilized for producing hot water or steam. There is no unnecessary energy wastage within the system; everything is efficiently recovered and utilized, thus enhancing the overall system efficiency and reducing energy costs.

Compact System Design

GEMCO gasification power plant employs a modular design, making equipment installation more convenient. This compact design improves space utilization within the system and maximizes space savings. Additionally, by reducing redundant auxiliary equipment, we have lowered the overall energy consumption and investment in the system, making the power station more economically efficient.

GEMCO Biomass Power Plant Design

biomass gasification power plant design
1. Crusher
2. Control Room
3. Gentry Crane
4. Raw Material Room
5. Hot Air Pipeline
6. Circulation Water Heat Exchange System
7. Biomass Gasifier
8. Gas Purification System
9. Underground Tar Tank
10. Gas Buffertank
11. Air Fan
12. Gas Boiler
13. Bag Filter
14. IC Generator
15. Waste Heat Recovery System
16. ID Fan
17. Chimney

1. Feedstock System

The feedstock system includes equipment such as crushers, material stacking machines, material storage rooms, and automatic feeders. Its primary function is to preprocess biomass feedstock by breaking it down into sizes suitable for gasification in the subsequent processes. This system ensures that the feedstock is evenly distributed during the gasification process, maximizing gasification efficiency.

2. Gasification System

The core equipment in the gasification system is the updraft gasifier, which is the key component of the entire biomass gasification power generation system. Its primary function is to pyrolysis biomass and produce products such as syngas, biochar, and tar. This system’s high-temperature environment and specific atmospheric conditions facilitate the breakdown of biomass feedstock into gases that can be used for electricity generation.

3. Gas Purification System

The gas purification system is used to treat the gas-liquid mixture generated inside the pyrolysis furnace, removing impurities such as tar to produce clean synthesis gas (composed by CO, H2, CH4). This purified syngas is used as fuel to power the generator sets, ensuring efficient electricity production.

4. Power Generation System

The power generation system is the crucial component for converting biomass into electricity, utilizing internal combustion generator sets. These generator sets operate by combusting synthesis gas to drive generators and generate electrical power. The system boasts excellent power generation performance, with a maximum capacity of up to 3 megawatts (MW), meeting a variety of electricity demands.

5. Waste Heat Recovery System

The primary function of the waste heat utilization system is to recover the waste heat generated by the gasification and power generation systems, thereby enhancing the overall energy efficiency of the entire system. The recovered waste heat can be used for drying feedstock, producing hot water, or generating steam, leading to cost savings and improved overall system performance.

6. Automation Control System

The automation control system utilizes 5G intelligent management technology and is equipped with sensors and control devices installed throughout the system to enable real-time monitoring and control of the entire system. Users can access the system’s operation status at any time via their smartphones or PCs, ensuring the system operates safely and stably.

Biomass to Energy Process

biomass gasification power generation process

The basic principle of biomass gasification power generation technology is to convert biomass into combustible gas and then use the combustible gas to drive gas power generation equipment for electricity generation. This method not only addresses the shortcomings of biomass being difficult to burn and having a dispersed distribution but also fully leverages the advantages of compact equipment and low pollution associated with gas power generation technology. Therefore, it is one of the most efficient and clean methods for utilizing biomass energy.

The biomass gasification power generation process consists of three phases. Firstly, biomass gasification, which involves converting solid biomass into gaseous fuel. Secondly, gas purification is required because the gas produced through gasification contains impurities such as ash, coke, and tar. These impurities need to be removed through a purification system to ensure the normal operation of gas power generation equipment. Thirdly, gas power generation, which involves using gas turbines or gas internal combustion engines to generate electricity.To enhance power generation efficiency, a waste heat boiler and a steam turbine are also included in GEMCO biomass power generation process.

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GEMCO Biomass Gasification Power Plant Parameters

Generating Power (kW)2005001000200030005000
Gasifier ModelGE-SR1200GE-SR1800GE-SR2400GE-SR3000GE-SR3600GE-SR4300
Land (m2)35060070090011001500
System Running Power Consumption (kW)25-3560-70100-110180-200260-280340-360
Primary PurificationCentrifugal Separation, Cooling
Secondary PurificationESP
Generator SetInternal Combustion
Rated Raw Material Consumption (kg/h)200-240500-6001000-12002000-24003000-36005000-6000
Fuel Size (mm)30-80
Fuel Moisture (%)≤25
Gasification Efficiency (%)≥70
Charcoal Yield (%)8-10
Wood Acetic Acid (kg/h)40-50100-120200-250400-500600-7501000-1250
Tar (kg/h)16-2045-5090-100180-200270-300450-500
Flue Gas Waste Heat (kcal/h)≈220,000≈550,000≈1.1 million≈2.2 million≈3.3 million≈5.5 million
Gasifier Circulating Water (t/h)5-812-1525-3050-6075-90125-150
Internal Combustion Engine Circulating Water (t/h)20-3050-60100-120200-240300-360500-600
System Weight (t)5595125210320420
Container Quantity578142028
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