An Overview of Municipal Solid Waste Pyrolysis

municipal solid waste pyrolysis facility design

As countries around the world place increasing emphasis on sustainable development, traditional methods of waste incineration and landfilling, due to their significant environmental hazards, are no longer able to meet the requirements of modern municipal solid waste (MSW) management. Currently, efficient, environmentally friendly, and cost-effective MSW pyrolysis technology is garnering widespread attention. This technology not … Read more

Why Choose Pyrolysis Over Traditional Methods to Treat Waste Plastics

waste plastic recycle

As an essential material in modern life and production, plastic is closely linked to energy, the economy, and the environment in its preparation, use, and end-of-life disposal. Particularly, the disposal and utilization of waste plastic are intimately connected with the construction of ecological civilization and the development of a circular economy, making it a key … Read more

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