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Complete EPC project solutions for biomass gaisification, biochar production, solid waste pyrolysis, and activated carbon production.

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Renewable Green Energy Specialist

Founded in 1997, GEMCO ENERGY is a high-tech manufacturing-oriented enterprise based in China. For over two decades, the company has been committed to the research and development of low-carbon, zero-carbon, and negative-carbon renewable energy technologies. With gasification and pyrolysis technologies at its core, the company has developed biomass gasification polygeneration systems, biomass carbonization systems, and pyrolysis systems for waste resource utilization. The aim is to transform biomass and municipal waste into energy, thereby contributing to global sustainable development.

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What We Do

Project Solutions for Biomass & Waste Pyrolysis

GEMCO provides intelligent solutions for energy producers. By coupling and complementing various types of energy, enhancing the coordinated optimization of energy production, transmission, storage, and consumption, we improve the flexibility of energy supply. Ultimately, our goal is to increase energy efficiency and reduce energy costs. We offer high-quality solutions that contribute to the active realization of sustainable, zero-carbon cities.

Biomass Gasification

Biomass gasification is a thermochemical process that converts biomass feedstock into a mixture of gases known as syngas. GEMCO has developed a variety of energy production solutions centered around biomass gasification, including biomass gasification hydrogen production systems and biomass gasification power generation systems. In addition to producing syngas, these facilities also yield by-products such as biochar, tar, steam, and thermal energy.

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Biomass Carbonization

GEMCO biomass carbonization system offers an advanced technological solution designed to convert biomass resources into high-quality carbon products and clean energy. By subjecting biomass to pyrolysis in an oxygen-free or low-oxygen environment, our carbonization equipment efficiently transforms biomass into biochar, which is a superior soil amendment for agricultural and environmental purposes.

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Waste Pyrolysis

GEMCO designs waste-to-energy plants for both municipal solid waste (MSW) and industrial waste processing. By utilizing the pyrolysis technology, our solutions can convert organic waste, plastics, tires, and other waste into energy sources such as pyrolysis oil, carbon black, and combustible gases, maximizing the recycling and utilization of waste and avoiding pollution and damage to the ecological environment.

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Activated Carbon Production

GEMCO offers complete activated carbon production solutions, including biomass carbonization, activation systems, and activated carbon regeneration systems. These comprehensive solutions can not only transform biomass feedstock and regular carbon into high-quality activated carbon with strong adsorption propertiesy, but also allow for the reactivation of used activated carbon, making it possible for repeated utilization.

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Our Technology

gEMCO Pyrolysis Process Advantages

The pyrolysis process involves heating materials in an oxygen-free or low-oxygen environment to induce decomposition. GEMCO has delved into pyrolysis technology for over twenty years, gaining extensive experience in utilizing pyrolysis for biomass energy production and waste management.

Precise control of carbonization parameters

Gentle recovery of materials like phosphorus

Near-complete elimination of organic pollutants

Zero harmful by-products

Key products

Pyrolysis & Gasification Equipment for Sale

GEMCO has multiple patented technologies in the field of pyrolysis technology and can provide customers with various pyrolysis equipment solutions, including fixed bed pyrolysis reactors, fluidized bed pyrolysis reactors, rotary kilns, multi hearth furnaces, etc.

Updraft Gasifier

Updraft gasifier is a type of fixed bed pyrolysis reactor and is the core equipment of our biomass and waste pyrolysis gasification system, featuring high thermal efficiency and high combustion temperature.

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Multiple Hearth Furnace

Multiple hearth furnaces (MHF) can be used in the fields of sludge and industrial waste pyrolysis gasification, activated carbon regeneration, etc. It can use a wide range of fuels and has relatively high combustion efficiency.

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Rotary Kiln

Rotary kiln is a widely used heating and calcination equipment, which has applications in fields such as biomass gasification, biomass carbonization, hazardous waste treatment, and activated carbon production.

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Featured Projects

GEMCO Energy has successfully completed over 100 pyrolysis engineering projects worldwide, exporting products and services to 50 countries and regions located in Europe, Asia, and Oceania, and has received unanimous praise from customers.

Biomass Power Generation Project in China
Waste Pyrolysis Power Plant in Malaysia
Biomass Gasification Project in Vietnam

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